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Birthstones – What Are They?

When it comes to birthstones, much like with horoscopes, everyone tends to know what theirs is. Birthstones are associated with each birth month and have a particular meaning and significance. These have long been used to form the basis for jewellery and someone wearing their birthstone is said to embody wellness and good fortune for the wearing. Birthstones date back to 5th Century Christian times are were said to have been inlaid on the breastplate of Aaron. There were twelve different stones, which linked with the 12 signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year. Wearers would then receive therapeutic benefits for wearing the correct stone during that month.

Here is a little bit about each birthstone

January – Garnet

This dark red stone symbolises Protection. This comes from the fact that Garnets are highly reflective and look like they are emitting light. Travellers used to carry garnets with them to protect them from evil and light up the night.

February – Amethyst

This pale violet stone symbolises wisdom. It is said to come from the story of Dionysus who came across Amethystos who had been turned to pure white stone by Artemis to protect her from Dionysus's drunken rage. Dionysus cried out at this and poured his wine over Amethystos turning her pale violet and forswearing his drunkenness. Therefore, this stone is also associated with ‘not drunken'

March – Aquamarine

This cyan or pale blue stone symbolises serenity. The light blue colour which is caused by iron impurities in the Beryl crystal has been traditionally associated with the sea and was used by sailors for years to help grant a peaceful journey.

April – Quartz

This is a clear stone that is associated with Strength. This largely comes from the hardness of the crystals which rate one of the highest on the Mohs scale.

May – Emerald

This gemstone is commonly associated with Hope and this comes from the colour being reminiscent of spring greenery and the hope of new growth after the winter.

June – Alexandrite

This stone has long been associated with love. This clear stone appears to be all different colours depending on the way you look at it, and as such its hidden beauty reflects the feelings of love

July – Ruby

This bright red stone represents vitality this is because of the colour is similar to that of oxygenated blood that brings life.

August – Peridot

This deep green gem represents beauty, and this is because of the deep colour it gives off which is the same in natural and artificial light

September – Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue stone has an association with truth and encouraging better honesty within relationships.

October – Opal

This solid white gemstone reflects all of the colours of the rainbow and as such has been associated with healing and renewal.

November – Citrine

This is a deep yellow gemstone, that pairs well with gold. It has a long historical association with joy and giving joy to the wearer of the gemstone

December – Turquoise

This blue gemstone has an association with friendship and the wearer is said to be able to make friends easily.