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Gifts for Him

Gift-giving is a part of human nature. It will always leave a nice feeling to both recipients and givers. Knowing that someone remembers you will always make anyone feel special. On the other hand, giving a gift will always make one feel satisfied. However, thinking and shopping for the perfect gift can be pretty tricky and even frustrating at times. But it would help if you did not worry, feeling those are pretty normal. Of course, you would want to give nothing but the best gift you can give; you would like to provide something the receiver will never forget. And jewellery is one of the most memorable things you can ever gift to someone.




Men may not love jewellery as much as women, but these magnificent pieces are still one of the most classic gifts. After all, jewellery knows no boundaries. Whether it’s for your father, brother, husband, partner, male friend, or a close male relative, Charming Jewellery Store has the perfect jewellery piece for that special guy in your life.

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Bracelet is one of the most common accessories a man usually uses. And what’s the better way to show your guy that you appreciate them by giving them a bracelet they can wear every day? Here at Charming, we have different variations of leather bracelets for men. Another good thing about these bracelets is you can personalise them to make them more special and unique.


If your special guy loves chains for his accessories, you can give him a personalised and straightforward brushed bar necklace or a dog tag. Here at Charming, we also offer an excellent necklet for men with pendants such as our lion head necklace, angel wing necklace, and compass north star necklaces.

Cufflinks and Tie slides

This one is for your special guy who is on the corporate scene. Help him look more professional by giving him a pair of personalised cufflinks or tie slides. You can have his initials, your particular date, or a short but sweet message engraved so he will never forget you and your love for him. But if you want something more casual and straightforward, you can choose our oval lined cufflinks, rectangular cufflinks, or our pair of engine-turned cufflinks and tie slide.


If you are looking for a gift with an intangible and sentimental meaning, you can try giving him a watch. This piece of accessory is known to symbolise achievement or milestone. And also, aside from bracelets, timepieces are one of the most common accessories worn by men. Choosing the perfect watch for your loved one will never be a worry as we, in Charming, offer varieties of men’s wristwatches – from the most casual one that he can wear every day to a luxury watch he can wear on a much special occasion.

Never be afraid to show your love and appreciation to the men in your life because no matter how strong they might be, they still deserve to feel loved and appreciated. And you never have to have a hard time finding the perfect gift for him if you let Charming Jewellery Store help you with your gift shopping.

Charming is a jewellery store based in Derbyshire, UK. This store is a family-run business that specialises in personalised gifts and jewellery uk. To know more about our products, you can visit our website through this link.