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When is the Best Time to Gift Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the most valuable items you can ever give to someone. You do not just give out this special gift to anyone, which means giving jewellery as a gift to someone can symbolise how special someone is for you. Apart from this, jewellery can also be expensive. Compared to other offerings out there, a piece of jewellery may cost a fortune. This is why you must know when is the perfect time to gift someone jewellery. If you wonder who the people you can gift jewellery to and when is the most appropriate time to give it to, this article is perfect.



Who can you gift jewellery to?

You would not go around buying every person in your life a piece of jewellery. If you have them in your mind when you are thinking of giving out jewellery, that only means they have a special place in your heart. With that in mind, here are some of the people whom you can gift with jewellery.


Best friend

If there is a person in your life, apart from your family and yourself, who knows you inside out, that person is probably your best friend.


You can show your appreciation to your best friend for sticking by your side through thick and thin by giving them a piece of jewellery. It can be a friendship bracelet or ring, or even a matching necklace to commemorate your friendship throughout the years.


Romantic Partner or Spouse

Jewellery is a clear indication of your commitment to someone. And if you are in a stable and long time romantic relationship with someone, gifting jewellery to them can be a sweet gesture and reminder of how much you love them.


You can opt for a simple yet classy looking necklace or watch during the moments when you want to appreciate them. But if you are celebrating a much special occasion like an engagement or wedding anniversary, you can try giving them a ring.

Family Member

Is it your sibling’s birthday? Or you are celebrating Mother’s or Father’s Day? No matter what occasion you are celebrating, you can gift a piece of jewellery to a member of your family.


Your family has played an essential part in your life throughout your growing years-- from the day you were born to your awkward teenage years, and finally, up to this day. Showing them how grateful you are can be as simple as giving them a pair of earrings or a classy necklace. It can also come in the form of a watch they can use every day.


When is the perfect time to gift jewellery?

Giving out jewellery as a gift does necessarily need a special occasion. Still, if you want it to be a representation or a commemoration of an important event you would always want to remember, then you can give them out during someone’s most significant moments.


Events such as birthdays, valentines, Christmas, engagements, and anniversaries are just some of the notable occasions where you can give someone a piece of jewellery. This way, they will remember you and that specific event through the piece of jewellery. This can also add sentimental value to the jewellery.


Where can you purchase the perfect jewellery?

Knowing the perfect jewellery piece to give can be stressful. But if you have someone to help you narrow down your choices, then choosing the perfect piece can be easy. To do this, you must look for a jeweller willing to provide you with appropriate yet quality choices in the market. And that’s what Charming Jewellery Store is doing.


This Derbyshire, UK based jewellery store offers a plethora of beautiful jewellery options you can choose from. From classic and straightforward, to colourful and extravagant, to personalised, Charming Jewellery Store has that on the shelf.


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