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Gift-Giving as a Love Language - The Charming Jewellery Store

Gift-Giving as a Love Language

Gifts can be perceived as materialistic by some people. However, it is a way for some to express and communicate their love and affection for someone special in their lives.

People who consider gift-giving their love language feel the love they get when they give and receive tangible objects that show their affection and love. Gift-giving is one of five love languages alongside words of affirmation and physical touch, acts of service, and quality time.



What is gift-giving as a love language?

Gifts can be used as a form of love language wherein someone shows and express signs that they care about you and want to make you smile through tangible items. Personalised gifts and valuable items like jewellery, can also be used to commemorate significant life events, memorable moments, or feelings. Giving gifts is not about the object itself, but rather, it is more about what it represents.

Some people often misunderstand the act of gift-giving as a love language. Some tend to see it as something greedy or materialistic, as if the receiver is focused on material things rather than the expression of love. Gift-giving has other common misconceptions, such as the notion that gifts are all about materialism and expensiveness. However, this is not true as the price tag does not matter as much as the thought, care, and effort behind the gift.

For those who have gift-giving as a love language, the act itself is more about the feeling of being loved rather than the actual amount of money spent. With gifts, it is significant that it conveys how they feel about you and what the gift means to them.

Why Gifts are so Popular

Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, suggests that humans have an inherent predisposition to love and give to those they love. It is a universal expression that demonstrates affection that many cultures and societies can understand.

People are wired to associate love and unique trinkets with gift-giving. It is essential to keep track of special dates such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to show your love by gift-giving.

It is also important to remember that gift-giving doesn't need a formal occasion to be justified. A thoughtfully given gift as a token of love will be treasured forever for those with gift-giving as a love language.

How To Determine If Someone's Love Language is Gift-Giving

One good way to know if someone's love language is gifts is through observing their reactions to presents. If their love language is gift-giving where they feel loved by the gesture, it is highly likely that they would be highly enthusiastic, put the gift on display, wear it every day, or constantly talk to their friends about it.

However, the most surefire way to find out if someone's love language is gift-giving is through directly asking them about it.


Although gift-giving is often misunderstood as a form of love communication, it is not a superficial or materialistic expression of love. People who see gifts as a way of expressing their love and affection might be more sentimental and have attachments to nostalgia. They may also pay closer attention to what their special someone thinks about them.

Generosity is an essential aspect of a healthy relationship. Gifts are not about the money but the desire to give someone you love the care and thoughtfulness they deserve.

For more information on giving gifts like personalised jewellery as a love language, you can visit

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Stop guessing: Ways to know your partner’s ring size - The Charming Jewellery Store

Stop guessing: Ways to know your partner’s ring size

An engagement can be pretty nerve-wracking. Because aside from the fact that you have to keep it a secret, you also have to prepare many things. And among those preparations include choosing the perfect engagement ring.

In connection, asking your partner directly what their ring size is might take away the element of surprise of you proposing, and that is the last thing you want. We understand that it is your dream to pull off a perfect marriage proposal, and you might be racking your brains out now for ways to know your partner’s ring size.

Well, worry no more because we at Charming Jewellery Store have some tips on how you can stealthily know your partner’s ring size without them knowing.

Ask help from friends or family

Asking for help from your partner’s family or friends is one of the best ways to know their ring size without asking them for it. If their closest sibling, relative, or friend does not know their exact ring size, they can casually ask them. One better way is asking their family or friend to take them to an engagement ring shopping for fun. Through this, your partner will be able to check their ring size professionally, and also, they might drop hints about the style they want! This will make your ring shopping easier.

Borrow a ring and trace it

Another effective way to know their ring size is to borrow a ring from them. However, if you want to keep it a surprise, you should be careful and subtle if this is the tactic you will use. If you borrow it and take it with you, make sure that you will get a ring they overlook even if it goes missing.

On the other hand, if you are terrified about the idea of getting your partner’s ring without their knowledge, you can try the tracing method instead. All you have to do is grab a piece of paper and trace the inner and outer parts of the ring. Do this multiple times to ensure that the ring traces you have made are all consistent and of the same size.

Bar of soap or wax

This method is closely similar to the tracing technique, but this one might be more accurate than tracing your partner’s ring on a piece of paper. For this tactic, you are going to need a bar of soap or wax. Using your partner’s ring, all you have to do is press the ring into the bar of soap or soft wax. By doing this, the ring will leave an impression that the jeweller can use.

Compare your fingers with your partner

This might be a little less accurate, but comparing your fingers with your partner’s is another method of knowing their ring size without asking them for it. When you are holding hands, you can subtly check if any of your fingers are of similar size to their left ring finger. For instance, your pinky finger might have the same size as your ring finger. You can also try borrowing one of their rings and try it on your fingers. This way, you will have a clearer vision of the measurement of their ring size.

Although this method is not as accurate as others, this can still help your jeweller assist you as you shop for an engagement ring.

Get creative

Getting creative might save you from needing to ask your partner about their ring size directly. You can think of some creative ways to get the hand size of your partner. Some examples are creating a card by painting your and your partner’s hand and pressing it into the paper. Another is you can create a paper ring for your partner. This could be an easier way of getting the accurate ring size of your partner.

Be subtle

If you cannot think of any other way to know your partner’s ring size aside from asking them directly, there is still a way to ask them without them knowing. You can use the excuse of seeking their help in ring shopping for your parent or sibling. You can pretend that the recipient’s ring size is the same as your partner’s, which is why you are asking for their help. Through this tactic, you will be able to know their ring size by casually asking them, requesting them to ring shopping with you, or you can purchase an inexpensive ring and have them try it.

Measure it while they are sleeping

This is good news for people whose partners are heavy sleepers. If your partner does not quickly wake up, you can grab a pen and paper or a measuring tape to know their ring size. If you use a piece of paper and pen, you have to wrap the paper around your partner’s ring finger and mark where it ends. Once you are successful in doing that, you can measure it yourself or bring it to the jeweller for a more accurate measurement.

UK Ring Size Chart

Executing that surprise marriage proposal will not be easy, especially if you do not know the ring sizes chart. To help you with that, here is a ring size guide that you can use.

Ring Size

Circumference (mm)

Ring Size

Circumference (mm)






















































Where to get jewellery?

Shopping for an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery can be pretty overwhelming. So if you are looking for a reliable jewellery shop where you can purchase your jewellery needs, Charming Jewellery Store might be the place for you.

Charming Jewellery Store is a family run business located in Derbyshire, UK. Our passion is to give our clients the best selection of jewellery pieces. We specialise in personalised and handmade gifts and jewellery.

If you want to know more about us and what we can offer, you can visit our website at

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Give yourself a reward with jewellery - The Charming Jewellery Store

Give yourself a reward with jewellery

Rewarding yourself for your hard work is essential. It pays off to recognise your efforts and drive that led you to overcome the challenges and struggles you have encountered along the way. Rewards can also be a great incentive that keeps you going and working hard toward your goals in the long run.

Connecting your hard work to rewards can motivate you and reinforce positive emotions, pushing you to be better and succeed in your goals. One significant reward you can consider for yourself is a piece of personalised jewellery that can serve as a visual symbol of the goals you are working on, especially when the going gets tough.




Aside from this, there are also other reasons to consider rewarding yourself with jewellery.

Jewellery can be a long-term investment for yourself.

If you have never bought jewellery for yourself before, it can be a little disorienting. However, rewarding yourself with jewellery can be a significant investment for yourself, especially if your choice is something that you always want to wear. Treating yourself with jewellery can also be a thrilling purchase for years to come, whether it is a ring you have had your eye on, a gemstone pendant necklace, or a personalised jewellery piece.

Personal meaning and sentimentality of jewellery

Buying jewellery as a reward for yourself can be an exciting experience. Jewellery can be full of meaning, and it does not matter how big or small it is. It can hold emotional and sentimental reasons that can serve as a visual reminder of your personal story filled with your experiences of hard work and contentment with yourself in the long run.

Those who buy jewellery for themselves do it because it is gratifying in an intrinsic manner that brings in particular energy or emotion. The jewellery you buy for yourself can make a personal, professional, and even sentimental statement that can reflect one's personality and story in life.

Jewellery can help you discover your personal style.

When choosing a piece of fine jewellery that you want for yourself, it is also crucial to determine your style and choose one that perfectly fits that particular style. It is vital to ask questions about your unique style, whether you plan to wear it for everyday life or special occasions, as you will be happier with your jewellery in the long run if you have chosen it with your style and lifestyle in mind.

You can still reward yourself with jewellery even with a limited budget

When investing in a fine piece of jewellery as a reward for yourself, it is worth putting some of the money you have worked hard for toward an item that can make you feel proud of yourself every time you look at it.

Even with a limited budget, you can still buy jewellery for yourself as a reward for your efforts. Once you have set a budget, you can consider many options, like a simple yet elegant jewellery piece that can be perfect for building your everyday wardrobe.

Where to get jewellery?

Shopping for an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery can be pretty overwhelming. So, if you are looking for a reliable jewellery shop where you can purchase your jewellery needs, Charming Jewellery Store might be the place for you.

Charming Jewellery Store is a family run business located in Derbyshire, UK. Our passion is to give our clients the best selection of jewellery pieces. We specialise in personalised and handmade gifts and jewellery.

If you want to know more about us and what we can offer, you can visit our website at
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All about Necklaces

Necklaces have always been part of human civilisation. Back in the day, this piece of jewellery is made in organic materials such as bones, feathers, plants, teeth, shells, and such. And as time progressed, the creation and symbolism of necklaces have further evolved.

If you want to know more about this piece of jewellery, let this infographic introduce you to the things you need to know about necklaces.

History of Necklaces

A necklace often symbolises one’s position in a tribe, and it is also used to build connections. Others also use twisted metal, such as torc, to create a necklace. This necklace was an ancient Celtic neckpiece mostly worn in Ireland and Scotland between 1800-1500 B.C.E.

In ancient Egypt, they typically wore a variety of necklace styles. The most common was the collar style. This necklace was made with precious materials and was often used for celebratory, religious, and funerary purposes. While in other cultures, necklaces were a sign of social status. Necklaces made out of gemstones or gold chains with pendants often symbolises prestige, wealth, and power.

But in the middle ages, necklaces have become a replacement for brooches as the most worn jewellery. During this time, it has been more of a statement and fashionable piece. Women wore necklaces with gems such as diamonds, pearls, and rubies with low neckline dresses.

In the 15th and 17th centuries, men wore necklaces that resembled a collar. This shows a sign of their status and would sometimes be worn with gold chains. Throughout the Renaissance, the wealthiest men would wear a shoulder covering filled with gems.

These days, necklaces are worn for fashion purposes. And there are more materials used to create this piece of jewellery. You can see different variations of necklaces in the market today. Materials such as gold and silver are often used to create necklaces. Pendants made out of gemstones and jewels are also prominent.

Apart from the evolution of materials, there have been several trends that most people love. One of which is the layered necklaces. In this trend, you can wear around 2 to 4 necklaces of different lengths. Mixing and matching while maintaining equal spaces between each necklace is the ultimate secret for this trend.

The symbol of necklaces

Back in the day, necklaces have always been a symbol of one’s social status. The more gems and gold it has, the wealthier and more prestigious someone is. And just like in a short story called The Necklace, this piece of jewellery truly represents someone’s status in life. However, in this story written by Guy de Maupassant, a French writer, the necklace also symbolised greed and discontent.

But in today’s generation, necklaces are viewed as more of a fashion statement. The durability and longevity of this jewellery provide an opportunity for people to understand the hard work and artistry behind it. In relation, necklaces are a great way to show your affection and gratitude to your special one.

Through this decorative piece, one can declare and establish what kind of relationship they want with you. A necklace could mean they are offering you friendship and appreciation, or they could mean they are committed to you. In connection, some even use necklaces to show their interest to start a romantic relationship with you.

Either way, the symbol of necklaces have evolved through time. And in connection, each material and design have also improved to complement the trends of each generation.

When is it appropriate to give a necklace?

If you give someone jewellery, that only means they play a unique and significant role in your life. Jewellery, like necklaces, is not something you give out to anyone on any day. These decorative pieces are not cheap and usually come in a hefty price tag.

But if you want to show your love and appreciation towards someone, here are some moments where you can gift a necklace to someone.

For a close family

Whether it is for mother’s day, birthday, or Christmas, giving your mother or grandmother a necklace can never be wrong. These women have been with you since your baby years, to your teenage phase, until today that you are a lot older and wiser. There is nothing wrong with showing them how thankful you are by giving them a necklace as simple as a silver hollow necklace.

In connection, if it is your sister, daughter, or niece’s special day, a necklace can also be one of the best gifts you can ever give. A cute and dainty daisy necklace can be the perfect present for them.

For your anniversary

Are you celebrating your anniversary with your wife? Then a necklace could be a perfect gift. You can even make it more special by purchasing a necklace you can personalise. You can have your names and anniversary engraved in this simple yet meaningful Russian rings necklace.

You can even choose if you want a gold, silver, or bronze one and have it as a symbol and commemoration of the years you have spent together-- bronze for eight years, silver if you are spending twenty-five years together, or gold for fifty years. It would all depend on you.

You are dating

If you have gone past getting to know each other, giving your romantic partner a gift like a necklace could be a nice gesture. Necklaces offer a sense of commitment, but they are not that bold like those of rings. You can use a necklace to show that you are willing to commit to them and make your relationship more solemn than it was.

It’s your best friend’s birthday

There is a saying that best friends are your siblings from other parents. And if you have that one person who has your back no matter what, then it is probably just right to give them something special like a necklace.

You can get a pair of birthstone necklaces for you and your BFF to celebrate the memories you have spent and will spend together as friends.

If you are still wondering what gift to buy for your special one, this is the sign to buy a necklace. Never be afraid to declare your love towards them through this decorative chain. But if you are wondering where to buy a necklace? Then you can consider checking out Charming Jewellery Store.

Charming Jewellery Store is based in Derbyshire, UK. This store specialises in personalised jewellery uk, which can transform and make your jewellery more special. To know more about our services and products, you can check our website at

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