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Find the Perfect Name Necklace for You

If you look at history, you will know that jewellery has long been part of most people’s lives. From rituals to strengthening relationships and even to show one’s status, jewellery is there. And most of the time, these jewellery pieces were crafted according to how they were going to be used.

For the past years, jewellery has been a limited accessory that only the wealthy and powerful could own. But as time progressed, it has been more affordable even for ordinary people. Today, if you ask people, almost everyone owns at least one piece of jewellery. And despite these changes, there is one thing that remains constant-- personalised jewellery.

It is no surprise why personalised jewellery is popular with so many people because aside from being an accessory, it also captures a part of the wearer’s personality and style. Also, personalised jewellery is unique, and it is guaranteed that you will have a piece of jewellery that no other person will have. And if you plan to purchase one for yourself or your loved one, you may consider a personalised necklace.

Some researches have shown that the necklace is among the most sought after and recommended jewellery to be personalised, and it makes sense. Necklaces could be a symbol of commitment without giving that much pressure like how rings do. It could just be a simple yet meaningful piece anyone could use to uplift their appearance. But before you avail a personalised necklace, you must be aware that there are many styles to choose from. So to help you choose the perfect name necklace, here are some of the designs you can check out.


Classic necklace

Necklaces are supposed to improve the look of your outfit and not outdo it. So if you are looking for an accessory that can complement your everyday office or casual wear, a classic and minimalist necklace might be the one you are searching for.

They said stick to the classics, and you will never go wrong, and that is undoubtedly true. Classics will never go out of style as they can go along with anything. And no matter how fast pace the changes are in the jewellery industry, the magic of classic pieces like this personalised disc name necklace will surely never disappear.

Birthstones necklace

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s period of birth. It is usually connected to your birth month or your zodiac sign. So if there is any material that can commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, a birthstone necklace would be a perfect idea. Along with your birthstone, you can have your name or your birthdate engraved as well. One example of that necklace is this personalised Swarovski birthstone necklace . It is so simple yet elegant, and you can wear them for everyday use or if you have necessary appointments to attend to.

Trendy necklace

If you try and search over the net for the latest jewellery trends, you would have probably encountered layering. Necklace layering is where you can wear two or more necklaces of different lengths and designs. If you think you can not do it with a personalised necklace, then that is where you are wrong.

When you try this trend, you should consider the length of each necklace. Ideally, you should start with a short, sort of like a choker kind of necklace, and pair it with a longer one. For instance, you could start with a 12” choker necklace and layer it with an 18” one. This way, the two necklaces you are wearing will not get tangled.

And when it comes to personalisation, you can either wear an engraved choker necklace such as this simple silver necklace and layer it with a moral compass silver necklace .

Initial name necklace

There is a saying that goes there is beauty in simplicity, and indeed there is. It has been pretty evident with fashion and jewellery. And speaking of jewellery, a straightforward and custom-made design such as an initial name necklace is one of the best choices there is.

Now, if you are looking for a necklace that you can use for everyday occasions, a gold floral pendant necklace might be the perfect necklace for you.


Lockets are old-time classics. If you go back in history, you will know that people have used this necklace since the 16th century. Lockets have evolved from ancient amulets, and they could symbolise love or friendship. Furthermore, lockets are treasures where you can put a small photo of your family or your loved ones. Additionally, lockets are more remarkable because they can hold special memories and stories passed down from one generation to the next.

So if you are looking for a top-quality yet straightforward locket that you can personalise, you may want to check this personalised silver cubic zirconia heart locket necklace .

This is the beauty of personalisation. As you can see, these examples are just a fraction of the numerous necklaces designs you can choose from. And each of these pieces could not only help you improve your overall look but could also represent a part of your personality. These unique pieces also hold stories that are exclusive to the one who wears them. This is why it is entirely understandable if you are having difficulty finding the perfect name necklace for you. And if that’s the case, you can always go around and check with your local jewellery store like Charming Jewellery Store.

Charming is a family run jewellery store located in Derbyshire, UK. For years, we have developed our skills to specialise in personalised jewellery and gifts suitable for all ages and gender. Apart from that, we have also built excellent customer service, and we can assure you that we give our clients nothing but the best services and products. Therefore, if you want to know more about us and what we do, you can always check our website at

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