Adolescence is part of human development, where a kid will slowly transition into becoming a young adult. This is when they will be curious about a lot of things. This is also when they become conscious about several things, such as their looks and presenting themselves to other people. During these years, they also have the urge to belong. And to do this, they make sure that they are aware and can ride with the latest styles. But as adults, you know that not all trends are suitable for them.

Among these trends is jewellery. When you have a kid, especially a daughter, you must have experienced where they dress up using your clothes, makeup, and even jewellery. Although this might not be a massive concern as jewellery is a decoration made for everyone, not all designs are suitable for kids or even teenagers. Adults better wear some jewellery styles. But that does not mean the youngsters, especially the young girls, are not allowed to wear jewellery!




There are jewellers, like Charming Jewellery Store, who have a specified design for young girls. They can have fun trying different styles of necklaces and bracelets with designs that are more suitable for their age. These designs can also help in maintaining their youthful appearance.

With that in mind, here are some Charming jewellery pieces appropriate for young girls.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is famous for its sophisticated and classy look. Pearls can also be considered expensive stones. This is why only the rich and powerful are the only ones who can afford to wear pearl jewellery during the olden days. But as time progressed, pearl jewellery has been available to more people.

This type of jewellery is usually reserved and more often used by full-grown adults or older ladies. But time had pearl jewellery rebranded. This antique jewellery piece has become a trend for the younger generation. More teens can be seen sporting this classy piece of jewellery.

Here at Charming, we have several pearl pieces that are designed for young girls. One example is the Swarovski pearl and silver heart necklace that is perfect for a casual look.

If you are looking for pearl jewellery that is perfect for you and your best friend, you can check out our collection of pearl bracelets with charms. These pearl and charm bracelets are also ideal for gift-giving. If you have teenage daughters, cousins, or nieces, these fancy bracelets are the perfect gift for them.

Braided Bracelets

Are you looking for something more simple and wearable for your everyday look? Then maybe a braided bracelet is the perfect piece for you. These bracelets are straightforward but pretty enough to gain attention. These bracelets are also ideal for friendship bracelets.

Bonus part, you can express your personality through the colours with these bracelets, as they come in different and fun colours such as pale pink, fuchsia, purple, and black.

Beaded Jewellery

Beads are slowly coming into the trend again. You can see numerous kids who are creating their jewellery out of colourful beads. From necklaces to bracelets and even rings, you can make them all through these decorative pieces. With that in mind, if you are looking for jewellery that is as classy but not as bold as pearls, beaded jewellery is the perfect piece for you.

Here at Charming, we have a collection of beaded bracelets. Some pieces come with charms like stars, pendants, hearts, and the likes. While others are either plain beaded or come with an initial pendant. Either way, this type of jewellery is perfect for the youthful aura of young girls.


Bangles are rigid bracelets made out of metal, wood, or plastic. They are usually inflexible but are loose-fitting. Here at Charming, we have the perfect bangle bracelet perfect for a Christening gift. This delicate sterling silver bangle is decorated with a beautifully engraved flower pattern. Its measurement was also carefully considered to fit the wrist of a tiny baby.

Silver Necklace

Necklaces are one of the most famous jewellery pieces. If you look at the trend list these days, there have been various ways to wear necklaces. Others use two to three pieces of chained necklaces and style them into layers. While others combine pearl and chain necklaces, creating a perfect layered necklace. But if you are looking for something more wearable and straightforward for your regular fit, a silver necklace can do the trick.


Are you someone who wants to keep memories with photos? Or you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is memorable enough to be passed unto generations? If that is the case, a locket is the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

A locket is a type of jewellery with a pendant that opens to reveal a space for storing a small photograph cut. This jewellery is worn with chains. And more often than not, the photo inside the locket is the one who gave the locket. But if you want to put a different photo inside the locket, you may completely do so.

These jewellery pieces are just some of the proof that wearing jewellery does not require age, and anyone can wear them. All you need to do is find the perfect style that suits your taste, age, and personality, and it is guaranteed that you are going to slay it. To do that, you need to find a professional jeweller who knows a lot about jewellery and is kind enough to help you choose. And Charming Jewellery Store is that jewellery shop.

Charming is a family-run jewellery store based in Derbyshire, UK. Our passion is to deliver you the best selection of jewellery and gifts. We give a lot of importance to gift-giving, that is why we pride ourselves in specialising in personalised jewellery uk.

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Jewellery has been part of people’s lives for a long time now. Back then, some used jewellery pieces to identify your family legacy and rank within the society. But today, almost everyone owns a part of it. These days, jewellery is often used to match an outfit or express one’s personality. Regardless of the reason for owning one, there will always be a sentimental reason behind that piece of jewellery, and it is only natural that you would want it to last long. But taking care of your jewellery might seem intimidating and complicated. However, the reality is different. Taking care of your precious pieces of jewellery would not need too much effort.


All jewellery, from the most simple to the most extravagant ones, only requires primary care. Therefore, maintenance of your jewellery pieces does not need any tricky and challenging techniques. But then, you might be doing some things that you might be doing without knowing that it can be harmful to your jewellery. But worry no more, here are five things you have to remember to keep your pieces of jewellery last long.


Take off your jewellery before showering or applying make-up, lotion, or perfume

This is one of the most straightforward reminders that most people tend to forget. It would help if you always take your jewellery off before showering or applying any beauty products. Bathroom essentials, make-ups, lotions, and perfume are meant to keep you smelling fresh and clean, but these essentials are not for your jewellery. The chemicals that compose these essentials can bring so much harm to your jewellery pieces.


Soap and shampoo suds may cause a fil to form over the metal of your jewellery. And this might result in your jewellery dulling and eventually losing its brilliance. On the other hand, the chemicals found in perfume, lotion, make-ups and such tend to stick on the faceted surfaces of jewellery which can potentially cause harm, make your jewellery pieces dirty and lose their shine.


It would help if you also remembered that you should always put your jewellery last to finish off your look, and at the same time, it should be the first thing you take off before you change your clothes.


Be smart about safekeeping

If you want your jewellery to keep its shine and beauty, properly storing it is the way to go. Always keep your jewellery pieces in a safe box where you can be sure that they won’t get lost or tangled. Having a customised jewellery box with a soft felt lining is the best way to store your jewellery. However, if you do not have one, you can try making your jewellery box out of a shoebox or any plain box that you have. All you need to do is place a piece of fabric in it because it will keep your pieces of jewellery safe and nestled.


Aside from storing them properly in a box, you can also purchase anti-tarnish strips online or in malls. If you want to ensure that your jewellery will last long, anti-tarnish strips are a necessity. These strips can help protect and prevent your jewellery from being tarnished, despite being stored for a long time.



Never sleep in a jewellery

You may have experienced sleeping with jewellery still on and had no issues with it, but this is not advisable in the rules of taking care of your jewellery pieces.


For instance, you love wearing your personalised necklace or earrings because it is special for you, and you do not want to take them off for fear that you might lose them. That fear is understandable, but if by any chance a chain broke off or you lose a stone while you are wearing it in your sleep, then that will cause you more stress and hassle.


Aside from harming your jewellery, sleeping in jewellery can also hurt you. The necklaces can get tangled, and you might get pierced by the earrings. Generally, it will be safer for you and your jewellery pieces if you take them off before sleeping.


Avoid exposing your jewellery to heat

Being exposed to the sun or heat for a while would not harm your pieces of jewellery. But if this gets constant, the heat can bring unnecessarily alterations to your jewellery. For example, some gemstones fade when exposed to continuous heat, some metals may get easily warped or bent.


Wearing your pieces of jewellery during summertime would not cause any problems. However, you must bear in mind that it is crucial to immediately keep your jewellery in a cool and dark place to keep them away from any damage.


Mind the drains

Although this advice may sound so simple and common sense, there are still moments where you will tend to forget. Also, such mishaps could happen to anyone whether you like it or not. But keep in mind that there are ways to avoid any jewellery misfortune. You always have to remember to take your jewellery off before dealing with the sink or any open drain. Jewellery pieces are typically small, and they can easily slip right through the drain if you pay them no mind. After all, it is much safer not to take any chances than to lose your beloved jewellery forever.


Losing or a damaged jewellery piece can be heartbreaking, especially if that piece has so much memory stored in it. You do not have to worry that much about it if you do your best in taking care of your jewellery. However, there are instances where our jewellery will still get damaged or dirty no matter how we take care of them. In situations like this, you have to bring it to a professional jeweller who knows the proper tricks to fix and clean your jewellery.


And this is what Charming Jewellery Store do. Charming is a family-run jewellery shop based in Derbyshire, UK. Charming Jewellery Store specialises in bringing you the best selection of jewellery and gifts, may it be personalised or off the shelves. If you want to know more about us, you may visit our website at