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Ways to Choose your Jewellery for Every Occasion

If there is a wedding that you need to attend, you will not go wearing jeans and a shirt. It is also the same with choosing what jewellery to wear. On every occasion, some standard forms in dressing involve wearing some jewellery too. Whether it is a fun night out with friends or a formal dinner, choosing the right jewellery can transform your look and add style to it. Somehow, it can also reflect your character, so wearing the right jewellery for you is essential.

Moreover, the jewellery you wear is highly personal because some of them are given by people dear to you, reminding you how special you are to them. It can also be jewellery you bought for personal reasons, or simply because you are amused by the design and bought it. Whatever the reasons, make sure that you wear personalised jewellery that makes you feel confident and fabulous.

It is essential to know what jewellery is perfect for every occasion and what jewellery you can’t wear. To answer these questions in mind, you need to understand every type of jewellery.

Here is the list of what jewellery is perfect for every occasion.

For Everyday Use




There is jewellery that goes well with anything you wear. These jewellery pieces are sentimental, like a necklace gifted by loved ones, a wedding ring, or a family heirloom. These kinds of parts enhance your style casually. Everyday-use jewellery pieces must go with your everyday outfit and complement your skin tone. Rose gold and silver can look good with cooler undertones, while gold jewellery enhances your look with warmer tones.

For Casual Wear




For casual wear for casual settings such as catching up with friends, having brunch, or night out on weekends, always choose jewellery that will make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. You can play with something fun and wear colourful or vibrant jewellery such as birthstones for a personal touch or a pendant necklace. You can still sparkle during the winter season while wearing many layers or coats when you are outdoors. You can try wearing a brooch for a nice touch or attach it to a jacket or scarf.

For jeans and t-shirts, you can try wearing hoop earrings, bracelets, three-layered necklaces, or stacked rings. Try experimenting with various chain lengths and styles.

For Work




In your interviews, workplace, or professional meetings, the key is to keep it subtle. Don’t wear anything too shiny or heavy. Try wearing metal jewellery and tiny gemstones that do not draw too much attention. Go for stud earrings and pair them with a necklace with a small pendant. This will keep your look tidy and exquisite but at the same time will keep your professional eye at bay. If you want to wear bracelets, do not wear chunky or noisy ones since it may distract you and your co-workers or cause inconvenience when you are typing or using a computer. You may choose to wear a bracelet with thin straps or just a delicate, simple bracelet.

There is an exception to some of these rules. If you work in a creative setting such as modelling agencies or art galleries, wearing chunky bracelets or bright jewellery is no big deal.

For a Girl’s Night Out




A night out with your friends can be an opportunity for you to be playful with your accessories and style. You can experiment with different jewellery, colours, and design. You can put layers of sparkling jewellery such as necklaces or bracelets. You may also wear a pair of statement earrings or a necklace to make it a central focus.

The key is to wear accessories that will accentuate your best features or flaunt your clothes more lively. You can try to wear long earrings to make your neck look longer. Additionally, try to wear ear cuffs when you wear clothes that are elbow-length or half sleeves.

Feel free to wear bolder or statement jewellery like a unique bangle, boho ring, or twisty cuffs. Another tip, you can mix and match various bracelet designs or blend your skin tone with them.

For a Date




Whether having your first date or generally a date with your special someone does not need to be nerve-wracking. Choosing the right jewellery for this time is a tricky business. Your goal is to look stunning without leaving the impression that you are trying too hard to impress your date. The right jewellery will aid your look to become more remarkable and help you accentuate the best features of your face and body. It is better to choose jewellery that will look perfect in candlelight or dimly-lighted settings.

Remember, there is no ceiling to limit your exception when choosing a piece of jewellery for a date.

Just go with a more straightforward design such as ear hoops, modern bangles, or a simple diamond pendant that will add charm to your overall look. A great pair of hoops will increase the focal point to your eyes and frame your face. A simple necklace will give a focal point to your collarbone or neckline. Just don’t go overboard with it.

For Special Party or Occasion




For a special occasion, the key is to show off a little. Choose your outfit first before deciding on what jewellery you will pair it with. If ever you will wear a necklace, ensure that it will suit your neckline. If you have a high neckline, try wearing a short necklace or choker piece. A matching accessory can transform your look from plain to elegant.

For Formal Occasion




For formal occasions such as a gala, official event, or a formal dinner party, you can wear jewellery that you don’t usually use or wear on a typical day. Although the clothing does all the talking in these kinds of events, choosing the perfect jewellery will enhance your look and make it more elegant. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you don’t need to wear necklaces. Instead of wearing a necklace, you can wear dangling earrings or chandelier earrings that sparkle.

Go with a hanging statement necklace for a turtleneck shirt and crew neck sweater or dresses because shorter ones tend to look heavier. In comparison, pendant necklaces are more appropriate for V-neck dresses and shirts and chunky bangles or cuff bracelets for halter tops.

Moreover, pearls are also a great piece to wear on a formal occasion because it is timeless and classic. It also goes with any colour or outfit that you wear. Additionally, antique jewellery is an excellent idea for formal events to accentuate your classy personality.

To know more about what jewellery is perfect for every occasion you’re going to attend, visit Charming Jewellery Store.

Charming Jewellery Store is based in Derbyshire, UK. This store specialises in personalised jewellery UK, which can transform and make your jewellery more special. To know more about our services and products, you can check our website at

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Personalised Jewellery Pieces You Can Give To Your Special One - The Charming Jewellery Store

Personalised Jewellery Pieces You Can Give To Your Special One

Most people love spoiling their special ones. But even if you know the person so well and no matter how you love spending and giving them something special, shopping for a gift can always be frustrating and time-consuming. Apart from wishing that your present will be remembered, knowing the present that will suit them best is what makes gift-giving nerve-wracking. This is what makes personalised jewellery the perfect gift.

What’s excellent about personalised jewellery is how personal and unique it can be. With personalised jewellery, you will have the liberty to customise your chosen jewellery by engraving. You can have your special one’s name or the most significant dates engraved. It is also possible to carve sweet yet short messages to make them more sentimental.


personalised -jewellery-gift-special-someone-him-her-content-image


But if you are still having a hard time choosing what jewellery you should give, let this article guide you through Charming Jewellery Store’s personalised jewellery collection.


A necklace is one of the most often gifted jewellery. It is a simple jewellery piece that allows you to show your love and commitment without being as loud as rings. You can also give this jewellery to your parents, siblings, or best friend.

You can choose between the most simple design like our brushed bar necklaces, a cursive name necklace, a double heart birthstone necklace, or a necklace that shows more of your commitment, like our personalised infinity necklace.


Bracelets are more commonly used to symbolise friendships. But if you want to give them to your partner or relative, you may completely do so. All you have to do is choose a message to engrave that will show your connection with them.

To commemorate your friendship with someone, you choose from our silver birthstone pendant bracelet, pearl and silver heart bracelet or star charm bracelet. But if you are looking for a bracelet to give to your partner, a rose gold charm pendant bracelet or square tag leather bracelet may be the perfect choice for you.

Cufflinks and Tie Slides

Is your special one works in the business field? Try giving them cufflinks or tie slides. These small jewellery pieces scream professionality and give off a sleek looking vibe. You can personalise it by having their initials engraved on these pieces.

Jewellery Box

If you own jewellery, it is probably one of your most prized possession. Most likely, you would want to keep them for as long as you can. And to be able to keep them for a long time, you must keep them in storage where they would not get damaged or tangled. In that case, a jewellery box will be the perfect solution.

Keepsake Box

Suppose a friend or you and your partner loves taking photos, buying souvenirs, or writing small notes to celebrate achievements and commemorate memories. In that case, a personalised keepsake box is the best gift you can ever give. In here, you will be able to store all the important stuff you would like to keep.

Shopping for a gift may be a nightmare to some, but you do not have to share the same fate as them. Charming Jewellery Store is here to provide you with quality jewellery and gifts.

Charming is a family-run jewellery store based in Derbyshire, UK. We specialise in personalised jewellery and gifts. To know more about our products, you can visit our website at
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