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Things To Remember In Purchasing A Personalised Jewellery

Even before history was written, pieces of jewellery have already been part of humanity. During the olden days, jewellery pieces were made out of gemstones, feathers, colourful pebbles, and the likes. As time progress, more gems and stones were discovered and transformed to be a piece of jewellery. Pins and brooches were made to hold pieces of clothes together. Pendants and rings were used as seals and identification of one’s rank and authority. Some used jewellery as protection from bad luck. And later on, pieces of jewellery were used to show commitment and connection.

Up to this day, the use of pieces of jewellery still lives on. Whether you are looking for a bit of jewellery to match your outfit, give it as a gift, or commemorate a special occasion, jewellery is there. But more often than not, finding that perfect piece of jewellery can be difficult. This is why several jewellery companies have welcomed the creation of personalised pieces of jewellery.

But before purchasing, there are some things you must consider.


Before purchasing personalised jewellery, make sure that you have researched enough to know what you want and where to buy it. Questions such as what kind of metal you like, the style of your preferred jewellery, and how you would like your text to be written on the jeweller can help you save time. Also, knowing the answers to these things can help you find the perfect jewellery store that can do the personalising for you.

You must note that there may be many jewellery stores out there, but not everyone has the same specialisation. To find the jewellery piece that suits your taste perfectly, you must look for a store that is known best for personalising pieces of jewellery.

Additionally, never miss checking out reviews of the store. Feedbacks are a tremendous aid to know how a particular company works with their clients.


It is known that personalised pieces of jewellery can get more pricy than that jewellery off the shelf. This is because personalised pieces of jewellery take more time and labour to complete. A lavish and extravagant jewellery design may look promising to buy, but there’s nothing wrong with holding back before your finances get out of control. A piece of perfect personalised jewellery doesn’t necessarily need to be over the top expensive. Besides, a reputable jewellery store with excellent customer service would help you by giving a variety of options and an estimated price depending on your chosen jewellery, so you know what to expect and how much you might spend.


Personalised pieces of jewellery will require a longer time to finish. It is not like the jewellery on the shelf where you have to choose and pick it on the same day. Jewellery stores have different policies, and their timeline may vary, but the average period of completing personalised jewellery would be around two to four weeks. Given this fact, you must remember to ask for the jeweller’s timeframe and provide them ample time to complete your order. You also have to take note of the inevitable such as delays. Although an excellent jewellery company would not purposely let your orders get delayed, it is not wrong to consider adding this to your timetable.

Plan and purchase ahead of time, especially if the jewellery you are purchasing is needed for a special occasion or sent as a gift. Planning can save you from headaches and any other unforeseeable issues.


Just like typical jewellery, personalised jewellery might also need repairs. To make sure you get the best out of your purchase, read and understand the store’s policies, terms, and conditions. Along with this, you must also remember to keep the receipt from your original purchase. This will come in handy if ever there’s a need for repairs.

Personalised jewellery are unique pieces; thus, it is crucial to know who is the most suitable one to repair your jewellery if it needs to be and won’t make any irrevocable mistakes during the repair process. This is why going back to the ones who made them will be the best option when it comes to your jewellery restoration.

With all these in mind, you are now set to purchase the perfect jewellery that will suit your taste best. And Charming Jewellery can ensure to provide you with that. Based in Derbyshire, UK, this family-run jewellery store specialises in crafting personalised jewellery.

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