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Handmade jewellery crafted in the UK from The Charming Jewellery Store

The Charming Jewellery Store tells its story of love, care and effort across every unique jewellery piece. As the number one store for handmade jewellery in the UK, quality matters most to us in everything we do. Shop our wide range of beautiful jewellery today, and see how each piece is made lovingly for your own loved ones.

In our store you’ll find signature personalised men’s jewellery and one-of-a-kind handmade personalised gifts, that make beautiful memos for years to come. For those searching for a special gift for a daughter, wife, sister or girlfriend, our stunning range of personalised jewellery for her offers endless inspiration. Trust us as your jewellery shop online in the UK and find a stunning gift for any occasion or person in your life.

Sentimental personalised jewellery in the UK

At the Charming Jewellery Store we pride ourselves on quality, which you’ll see across our handmade and personalised pieces. If you’re looking for handmade bracelets in the UK or unique handmade necklaces in the UK, we have a range of beautiful jewellery options for you...

Our wide range spans necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Presenting endless ideas for wedding gifts, gifts for a family member or friend, each elegant piece is guaranteed to be loved and treasured. From leather bracelets to delicate filigree earrings, we have a piece for every type of personality and can personalise jewellery to individual requirements.

Our inspiration for handmade jewellery in the UK

Behind every craft or artist is an inspiration. The Charming Jewellery store draws inspiration for our selection of personalised jewellery from the UK and its culture. Striking landscapes unique to the British Isles and the diverse people that call the country home inspire us each day. Our ideas are original and, we continue to draw inspiration from the beauty in the form of nature.

Our filigree and leaf-shaped features on bracelets, necklaces and charm anklets celebrate natural beauty and its colour palette. Tapping into the warm and kindred spirits of the people of the UK, we take core values and use this to communicate messages across our jewellery. But our biggest inspiration is of course you, and the beautiful messages that you want to convey.

By choosing to create your own personalised handmade piece with us at The Charming Jewellery Store, you help to inspire. And, no matter the occasion, we are always here to deliver stunning handmade jewellery in the UK.

Our jewellery shop online in the UK is just the beginning of our service. We welcome customers to communicate with us about their specifications of your own personalised jewellery in the UK. Striving to get back to our customers and meet their design ideas as quickly as possible is important to us. As is your loving feedback which helps us to continue our passion for jewellery craft.